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Chris Argent

"Our family has a surprisingly progressive tradition."

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Name:Chris Argent
Birthdate:Jan 11
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Website:@ beaconhillshigh

"Our family has a surprisingly progressive tradition. Knowing wars and violence are typically started by men, we place the final decisions - the hard ones - with the women. Our sons are trained to be soldiers. Our daughters to be leaders."

CHRISTOPHER ARGENT is Allison Argent's father and a notable werewolf hunter. With the exception of his father, Gerard, Chris' entire family is dead. His sister Kate Argent was killed by Peter Hale and his wife, Victoria Argent, took her own life. His daughter, Allison, was recently killed by an ancient Japanese demon. Much of the Argent family history remains a mystery but we know they've been hunting werewolves for several generations, perhaps as long as 200 years. Despite acts of intimidation with Derek Hale and violence against Scott McCall, Chris has not actually killed a werewolf on the show.

BACKGROUND: Chris is a strict, no-nonsense man, and overprotective of Allison. He has a rocky relationship with Scott due to Scott's status as both a werewolf and Allison's ex-boyfriend. Unlike most of his family, Chris is generally good at heart, has a sense of honor and morality; he sticks to the Argent's hunter code and does not believe in killing the innocent. He confronts Kate about her involvement in the Hale House fire and fires a warning shot at her to have her take her gun off Scott in the season 1 finale. However, he is also very strong-minded and watchful of the werewolves. In season 2, he forces Allison and Scott to break off their relationship. He grudgingly keeps Scott safe from his father Gerard Argent, who is in town, for Allison's sake. Chris begins Allison's training to become a hunter.

He shares an antagonistic relationship with Derek but does not hurt or attack his pack. Chris confronts Allison over her knowledge of the murders committed by the Kanima explaining to her that because of the fact they know of the supernatural, it is the hunters' role to protect humanity from the supernatural. When Victoria is Bitten, she asks Chris to help her commit suicide, as per the family's honor code and has to comfort Allison after his wife's death. In "Fury", Chris is reluctant to let Allison take charge of the family. He eventually follows her lead but becomes upset and cautious when Gerard corrupts her using Victoria's suicide. After Allison almost murders Erica and Boyd out of rage in "Battlefield", Chris saves their lives by shooting her bow out of her hand, horrified by the person she's becoming. In realizing that Gerard is the enemy, Chris sets Erica and Boyd free and allies with Scott, Isaac and Derek to stop Gerard in the season 2 finale.

It is revealed in the beginning of season 3, Chris and Allison have retired from hunting to stay out of supernatural affairs. In the episode, "Fireflies", Scott goes to him for help in stopping Cora and Boyd when they are under the influence of the full moon. Chris initially refuses saying Scott's world "decimated his". After seeing a supposed victim of Boyd and Cora's rampage, he relents assisting Scott, Derek, and Isaac, in finding and capturing them. Despite saying that he has retired, he starts getting involved with the Alpha pack problem that has come to Beacon Hills. He later visits an apparently alive Gerard and learns that Alexander Argent, a past family member, was bitten by an Alpha werewolf in 1977, which led to his suicide. Gerard tells Chris that the Alpha werewolf that Bit him was Deucalion. Throughout the third season, Chris is shown to be taking part in the recent activities with the Alpha Pack and the killings by the Darach.

It is later revealed that Chris has been hunting the Darach for some time and knows about Allison's involvement in helping Scott, Stiles, and Isaac. When Jennifer, who is revealed to be the Darach, names him as the next sacrifice, Chris hands himself over to keep his daughter safe and is kidnapped by her. He is later shown to be captured along with Scott's mother and Stiles's father, all three being Guardians of their children and the final sacrifice. He turns on one of his sonic emitters he uses to coral werewolves, hoping it will help them find them. He and the other parents are eventually rescued by his daughter, Isaac and Stiles. He decides to re-work the werewolf hunter's code with Allison in the mid-Season 3 finale and "protect those who cannot protect themselves", since the "beacon" inside Beacon Hills had been opened - foreshadowing an arrival of many different supernatural beings.

During season 3B, after the Oni first appear in Beacon Hills, Chris becomes grim with recognition. He relays a story to the group in "Silverfinger". Twenty-four years earlier, at the age of 18, Gerard had Chris conduct his first gun deal leaving out the fact that the customers were Yakuza. In the middle of the deal, when the sun had set, a group of Oni attacked and killed the Yakuza boss, the kumichō, who was revealed to have been a supernatural being. Chris had survived and saved the life of a man called "Silverfinger" by shooting one of the Oni directly in the face, shattering its mask and revealing that there was nothing but darkness behind its “face.”

He, Allison and Isaac later track down "Silverfinger" for information regarding the Oni and the Nogitsune, the being the Oni are after and the type of being revealed to have been was possessing the kumichō in the past. In "Letharia Vulpina", Chris and Derek are arrested by Rafael McCall under suspicion of murdering Katashi, and detained at the Sheriff's station where a bomb goes off, all arranged and committed by the Nogitsune-possessed-Stiles. Derek saves his life, shielding Chris from the blast with his body. Chris admits to Derek he's willing to use lethal force to put the Nogitsune down but he'd feel remorse if he was to kill Stiles. Stilinski has the charges against them dropped in "The Fox and the Wolf".

When Derek is possessed by the Nogitsune in "De-Void", he attacks Chris and plans to set him aflame. Chris gets loose from the chair Derek had tied him up in and holds Derek at gunpoint. Fortunately, Scott separates Stiles from the Nogitsune and the Derek is freed from the Nogitsune's possession. Chris tells Derek he's not his enemy anymore, solving their previously antagonistic relationship. In the penultimate episode of season 3, Chris decides it's time for Allison to graduate from her training to an actual hunter. He tells her its a tradition to forge a silver bullet out of silver blocks for the graduation. She tells him instead she wants to make a silver arrowhead. Allison takes the time to tell Chris she loves him and she's proud of what they've accomplished. Chris later arrives at the gates of Oak Creek and sees that Allison has been killed.

In "The Divine Move", Chris feels devastation over Allison's death, but knows how to deal with it saying he has the capacity and a skill to compartmentalize his emotions. He and Isaac come back to the Argent's apartment and Isaac figures out what Allison wanted Scott to tell her dad when he realizes Allison had destroyed the Oni with her silver arrowhead. He has Chris recall his first gun deal where he'd shot off an Oni's mask; Chris had fired a silver bullet, but the bullet must have gone through and through: silver is a poison to the Oni. They come to the school and destroy the remaining Oni with the arrowheads avenging Allison. Chris is last seen leaving his apartment with Isaac in tow carrying the triskele box containing the Nogitsune's spirit presumably to hide away the dark spirit again.
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FOR BEACONHILLSHIGH: Chris has harboured a secret for many years, since before even his daughter was born, and the only other person who knew of it is now deceased. That other person was Talia Hale, Derek's mother. In the midst of the fallout of the Hale family, Chris had a brief but torrid affair with Talia, which resulted in her falling pregnant. Knowing Talia was a powerful Alpha, Chris knew there was a distinct chance the baby would be born a werewolf and not wanting to be linked with a werewolf family when his own family had spent generation hunting them, Chris told Talia to have the pregnancy aborted and to never speak of the affair again.

Talia refused, and made the decision to keep the pregnancy a secret, and after giving birth, she arranged to have the baby - a son - adopted by a family who had werewolf knowledge and would accept his true form. Jason Christopher was adopted by a family in Atlanta, Georgia, and they collected him the day after he was born. Talia was devastated to lose one of her own children, but her bitterness towards the Argents made her swear to Chris he would never know his son nor where he had been sent. Chris lived with the secret burning inside him, but stayed true to his family's code and pushed it down to a dark place inside, never speaking of it again.

Until now. With losing every other member of his family, save for a father he hates, and suffering the heartbreaking loss of his daughter, Chris finds himself desperately yearning to find his first born child and son. He realises this means having to reveal to Derek what happened, and trying to help the werewolf see why his mother kept the knowledge of his younger brother a secret from him. Since Allison's death, Chris has been searching for his son, and with his many connections, managed to track him down in Atlanta, Georgia. It was over a week his son, Jason (now 18 years old), avoided his calls until Chris decided to throw caution to the wind and go to Georgia to face his son in person. But again, via email, Jason told Chris not to bother, and just as Chris was giving up hope, somewhat gone into seclusion in the wake of Allison's death, suddenly his son shows up on his doorstep demanding answers.


Chris is a canon character from Teen Wolf (TV Series). He is 100% owned by Teen Wolf creators and MTV. This muse is for RP and muse writing purposes only. For PSL, beaconhillshigh and untiltheendstarts.

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